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Good communication is one of the most important leadership traits

Effective leadership communication is not just a new business buzz phrase. It has a clear and critical impact on an organisations bottom line.  It is one of the most critical success factors in driving business results and organisational performance. Learning the skills necessary to have effective workplace conversations that build trust and connect with our people is an absolute if we want to influence change and produce real business results.

Leaders have a direct impact on employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity. Without effective leadership communication, employers cannot expect their employees to be engaged and connected to their workplace.

The world of work in 2022 has shifted significantly with more employees seeking to work in organisations where they feel valued, empowered, safe and included. Trust and transparency are at the heart of all great organisations. Effective communication is the key element to building this foundation in this ever-changing world.

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With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.


The NEW and improved Create and Speak Course


Not only will all delegates completing the programme receive CPD and  Institute of Leadership and Management certification, they will be afforded Associate Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management, worth £150 a year, with the post nominals AMInstLM. It includes:

  • A membership certificate

  • Printed EDGE magazine delivered quarterly

  • Full access to the online e-learning platform, with over 450 hours of leadership and management learning

  • Access to member-exclusive events and webinars

  • The ability to engage with other members of the community on the Hub

    The programme is available both for organisations as part of their leadership development strategy or through one of our public facing course delivered throughout the year.


Create and Speak is an intense two-day experience for leaders to develop skilled communication skills from stage to boardroom. The aim of the programme is to create the next generation of senior and executive leaders who are equipped to meet the changing face of workforce relationships. The outcomes are to support delegates in the following areas:

  • Building a confident mindset for speaking

  • Master the art of storytelling

  • Structure any talk/presentation

  • Build rapport and credibility

  • Learn about the mind of the audience

  • Develop good voice & body habits

  • Make effective use of stage(on or off camera)

  • Deliver keynotes vs boardroom

  • Improve impact in meetings

Become a BETA tester

I would like to invite you to become a BETA tester of our NEW Create and Speak Programme in March 2023. 

Not only will you attend our new 2 day course and ALL the accreditation but we have some superb BONUS's for you too.

PLUS you will not pay full price we have a very special price for you as you are the first delegates to go through the new format course

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"It's given me the confidence now to go ahead and develop my speaking skills, I don't have the fear of getting up and speaking in front of anyone anymore"

Lisa Vescio

"The Create and Speak course has been really transformational."

Sam Moinet

Discover our EXCLUSIVE bonus's

On top of the NEW accredited 2 Day course  - usual price £2000 PLUS VAT

✔️ The price of the course is discounted to £500 per delegate.

✔️ CPD Certification

✔️ Institute of Leadership Management associate membership (Value £150)


✔️ Immediate access to the digital version of our original course (Value £499 plus VAT)


✔️ Up to 5 delegates will be chosen to have the opportunity to speak in front of 350 people at our autumn Ignite Your Inner Potential conference. Value - PRICELESS!

By signing up to the BETA testing course you are getting £2649* of value for just £500*!

* Plus VAT

*Accommodation if required can be booked at a discount with the venue.

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£500 plus VAT


Our NEW Create and Speak 2 Day BETA course.

Sat 4th March  - Sunday 5th March 2023

The Derby Conference Centre

The course:

✔️ CPD accredited. All delegates completing the course receive a CPD certificate.

✔️ All delegates completing the course become Associate members of the Institute of Leadership Management

Associate membership provides you with:
  • The letters AMInstLM after your name
  • Printed EDGE magazine delivered quarterly
  • Full access to the online e-learning platform, with over 450 hours of leadership and management learning
  • Access to member-exclusive events and webinars
  • The ability to engage with other members of the community on the Hub

Exclusive BONUS's

✔️ Immediate access to Create and Speak Digital (The original course)

✔️ The opportunity to be chosen to speak at Ignite Your Inner Potential in front of 350 delegates*

 Once you make your purchase your place will be reserved and you will receive a confirmation email. We will email you with the full course details early in the new year (2023)

Any questions please email [email protected]

*Following the two day course Kul will invite up to 5 speakers to talk at Ignite Your Inner Potential in the Autumn of 2023
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